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We are very proud of our writing contracts and feel honoured to be a regular part of 3 top poultry publications.

Grant is Editor of Fancy Fowl, and has been for the last 4 years, and contributor to Country Smallholding and the recently introduced ‘Your Chickens’ magazine.

It has taken years of dedication to get this far and we are honoured to be able to write articles at any level: from complete novice, to serious fancier, on a range of subjects too: from basic husbandry through to the complex subject of plumage genetics. A ‘dream job’ you could say ;)

Fancy Fowl, now in its 30th year, is the leading publication for Poultry Fanciers. A magazine dedicated to poultry breeding and the show world, including articles, results and much more.

Country Smallholding has a ‘pullout’ section, dedicated entirely to Poultry. Look out for Grant’s regular ‘Poultry Talk’ column in which he covers a range of topics, from breeding, rearing, plumage, and more.

Your Chickens is a magazine dedicated to the newcomer and focuses on getting started with a few hens in your garden. Grant is a regular contributor and has a current feature on show preparation.

They say: ‘We’ve all got one book in us.’ If that’s the case, I’ve done my bit, and in 2008 my first book was released.

It was a very proud moment and a huge relief to finally get it published. I had so much information on breeding in my head that it was good to get it all down on paper. I have to admit, I was taken aback by the overwhelming response from not only the UK, but from

The US, Australia, and many parts of Europe. It has been a pleasure to help people, whether in their quest for better exhibition stock or personal projects to develop new colours of certain breeds.

21st Century Poultry Breeding has had many rave reviews on websites, and people comment frequently on how much they have, and continue to enjoy it.

The book is a guide to better breeding: I’ve been there, taken the photos, gathered the information, learnt the lessons - it’s all within the pages of this book. With its 150 pages, and 240 colour photos, 21st aims to give the reader a better understanding of genetics, with its simple explanations and numerous diagrams. Secure your signed copy today at the books page.

Magazine Contracts:

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