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I LOVED writing 21st Century Poultry Breeding. I LOVED working with the late Michael Roberts of Gold Cockerel Books. But most of all, I LOVE the idea of being able to help poultry keepers, in any small way, move closer to achieving their goals. 

Since first being published in 2008, this book has sold thousands of copies across the globe. I have signed a good few of those personally, and it’s been very gratifying to hear people’s success stories. I wanted ‘21st’ to be the book that readers picked up which really spoke to them; full of colourful photos and something I would have LOVED when I became interested in genetics. 

To this day, I stand by all of the concepts in the book. BUT, have I stood still over the last 15 years? Has Breeding and Genetics stood still? And the answer is, ‘of course not!’ We are learning and evolving all the time, and nature will always be one step ahead of us. 

I’m going to level with you… When I first became interested in genetics, the subject didn’t excite me. In fact, it frustrated me no end!  And you might laugh, but I tried some [what we now know to be] ridiculous crosses to achieve certain aims. I’ll give you an example: I crossed a large rose-combed Rhode Island Red to a White Wyandotte in a nonsensical attempt to get Buff Wyandottes. My hope was the white feathers of the Wyandotte would dilute the red of the Rhode Island to a buff colour. How I thought the resultant ‘Buff’ offspring would breed true is anyone’s guess! Another cross was Partridge Wyandotte to Blue Wyandotte, believing the offspring would turn up at least some Blue-Partridge. Sadly, it’s not so simple! But the good news is I learnt from both of those ‘deluded’ pairings – and several others –that ignited a desire in me to keep on learning. 

This is why I can’t wait to meet you and go through all of these lessons on both breeding and genetics together. We can delve into breeding strategies, look at examples of accomplished breeders, study genes and their effects, and unlock your breeding potential by covering many of my personal insights, epiphanies, hard-won lessons and perhaps most importantly, the wisdom of older fanciers that they graciously passed on. Let’s celebrate 15 years of ’21st’ together on 21st & 22nd October this year in North Wales…


FIRST DAY studying in a local village hall (the Saturday), where we can through slideshows, talks and get an idea of my process and my approach to breeding. We will look at the key concepts of the book and how they can be applied in breeding-for-improvement. Then, when the day is finished, we can gravitate to the local pub for more social chicken discussion. The Sunday will be at my house, where we can assess and study birds, genes and modes of inheritance. There will be plenty of refreshment breaks during both days, and lunch will be provided. 


•  Brand new personally signed copy of 21st Century Poultry Breeding

 • Winners Interviews. 2 new interviews with accomplished breeders

 • 7 Common Mistakes that Newcomers Make e-book

 • Course keepsake workbook 

•  Opportunity to win sponsors’ giveaways

•  37% Discount if signing up before 25th May (Course valued at £297)

•  Making New Colours 1&2 e-books

Questions you will likely have:

Q1: Why is the course limited to only 7 places? This is for logistics reasons (parking etc) and also because it is more focused learning in smaller groups.

Q2: Where can I stay in the local area? There are many options, to include glamping pods, B&B, AirBnB, and Hotels around Ruthin. (I am happy to recommend accommodation on request).

Q3: What are the course start and finish times? Officially 10-5 on both days, but we won’t worry if we go over…



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