21st Century Poultry Breeding

With a Foreword from Past President of the Poultry Club of Great Britain, professor Geoff Parker, this book does what it says on the tin, and will serve as an invaluable breeding guide to all those in quest of producing better stock, gaining an insight to poultry breeding.

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Bantams & Miniature Fowl in Colour

This legendary and much-loved pictorial guide to bantams has been completely updated with new pics and has the same minimal text as the original, Bantams in Colour. As well as studio shots, the book has many new photos and is an essential guide to all the different available types of bantams seen today.

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Wyandotte Colour Breeding

Wyandotte Colour Breeding
is about looking at what’s possible with many different colours, the basic theory, the pitfalls with that theory, what passes for knowledge, and so much more. This knowledge has taken decades to acquire through years of breeding and observation, and will hopefully serve as a useful source of reference for any Wyandotte Breeder / Fancier.

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Breeding For Success

There are 20 chapters in this E-Book and it has many attractive photographs. The advice includes getting started with breeding right through to washing and preparing your birds for show, and everything in-between.

The Foreword is by TV star, Adam Henson.


The Newcomer’s Guide to Poultry Breeds

Do you know your Rhode Island Red from your New Hampshire Red? Are you looking to take the steps from hybrid layers into the world of fascinating and productive pure breeds? With a collection of rare photos and and a breed overview, including availability, egg numbers, and other statistics, this E-book is the perfect entry guide to the world of pure breed poultry.

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Making New Colours (1 & 2)

The hugely popular ‘Making New Colours’ is available here only. Since its birth in 2006 this e-book has sold all over the world and helped countless breeders with their projects.

It is set out in story book format and details many new colours of the Wyandotte breed, with the necessary crosses required to create them. With a deliberate sidestep of technical speak, this e-book is the perfect stepping stone to having a better understanding of how the genes in poultry work.

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